• Die LA Times spekuliert schonmal wer es unter die 10 Nominierungen für den Besten Film bei den Oscars 2010 schafft.
  • Am 3. November gehts los. Wers nicht abwarten kann, kann sich ja schonmal die ersten 8 Minuten von ABCs neuer Alien-Invasions-Serie anschauen. Ich verzichte, warte lieber gespannt auf die erste Episode.
  • "Der deutsche Comedypreis ist im Jahre 2009 in einer Zeitschleife gefangen, aus der es offenbar kein Ausbrechen gibt." (Sueddeutsche)
  • "Regardless of whether one supports Mr. Griffin and his BNP or not, last nights programme proved to be debacle, not a debate. Viewers were subjected to a premeditated and biased attack on Griffin. The panel, its presenter, and biased audience conspired to disrupt any flow in discussion. Griffin was continually bombarded by questions, often interrupted when responding. Yes, a true reflection of British politicians, brimming with intellect and of course integrity."
  • Fast könnte man glauben, dass folgende ist eine neidische Projektion auf die Stärke des US-Office: "The greatest thing about the Simpsons is the warmth of the family. It's such a beautiful, dysfunctional family. I loved Bush saying: "We need families more like the Waltons, less like the Simpsons." Well, maybe you do, but it's not going to happen, and I'm not even sure that he's right about the Simpsons anyway – whatever happens in all Homer's crazy schemes, his ignorance, all those things, they never compromise his absolute love for his family. It always comes back to that."