Update: Best of Reality 2009

People have written about the best, most entertaining and hilariousts Moments in last Years Reality TV Shows. For the canadian journalist Murtz Jaffer, it was Piers Morgan, judge on America and Britain’s Got Talent Shows, winning The Celebrity Apprentice. US Broadcaster CBS, home of Survivor, Amazing Race and Big Brother, also published their list with the best bits of their own shows. British Newspaper The Sun wrote about the best Moments of UKs Reality TV, like Alexandra Burke winning the X-Factor or Lee McQueen becoming the Apprentice of Sir Alan Sugar.

So here are five Reality TV Moments in 2008, which entertained me the most:

1. Randy getting blindsided with a fake Immunity Idol In Survivor Season 17

2-4. Sir Alan Sugar (and good jewish boy Michael Sophocles) at The Apprentice UK Series 4

  • earlier that season they tried to buy a kosher chicken from a muslim butcher…
  • also Michael became famous for his inappropriate Boardroom Celebration – unforgotten: Margaret Mountfords face…

5. Omarosa fighting with later winner Piers Morgan at The Celebrity Apprentice