Britains's most succesful unsuccesful Salesman

Britains most succesful unsuccesful salesman

This mates name is Gavin, who was originally quotet on ITVs website: „I don’t do anything that benefits humanity“. Gavin was one out of seven contestants in ITVs answer to popular „The Apprentice UK“ called „Natural Born Sellers“, which was reduced to only sales tasks rather than real business tasks. Whoever made the most sales in for example windows, furnitures or whirlpools got the chance to drive a better car and was allowed to evict one of the bottom two salesman of the task. Gavin has always been in the bottom two, five weeks in a row. Finally he described himself as Britain’s most succesful unsuccesful salesman. But he was always kept in the game by the Top Dog due to tactical considerations.

The funny thing is, after beeing always the most unsuccesful salesman, Gavin won the game in the last episode, where they had to sell shares in racing horse for charity. Gavin turned the corner by trying his luck in a pitch with some rich man, who decided to bid 20.000 pounds for that horse, by the condition to brand this sick childs wheelchair, for which his donation money would be used for, which i found a bit hypocrit. However, fortune favors fools and Gavin was through.

This Story about a loser who finally wins may sound nice, but for the show it’s quite a disaster. It was foreseeable, that Gavin would win, because they gave him so much screentime from the beginning, and he didn’t really earned that one. If only luck finally decides about the winner, it’s not a real good show about business. It’s stupid and miles away from reality.

Another thing is the role of mobile phones billionaire John Caudwell, who might be supposed to take the place, which is filled bei Sir Alan Sugar in UKs Apprentice or Donald Trump in the US Version. John Caudwell hat nothing to to during the hole show besides to slightly moderate the talk in a sparsely furnished „boardroom“. This room looked as sad as the hole show.

The final epsiode attracted about one million viewers, which is not so much if you remember that Apprentice was watched by 9 million. Earlier this season it was removed from peak time to a later broadcast, which didn’t benefit at all.

Besides all the criticism, Natural Born Sellers had some interessting people in it like these Natural Born Bitch Thea and also Gavin, who was funny to watch falling step by step into self-mockery. Also „in these lean economic times, there’s a certain nostalgia value to a show that’s celebrated the art of separating customers from their money“, as Jane Simon described the value of the programme on mirrors website.

Natural Born Sellers, ITV (UK), 3. October – 6. November 2008